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Are Flushable Wipes Really Safe To Flush? Here Is Everything You Should Know

Published on:
June 16, 2020

Time and again, we have come across the idea of making use of wet wipes instead of dry toilet paper. However, this idea may be very new for a lot of people, but there are many who consider making use of the wet wipes thus increasing the chances of clogging your pipes, gradually. This is exactly where the need of the Roto-rooter plumbing service arises. 

But, there are certain advantages of wet wipes which cannot be denied. At first, giving up on the idea of using the dry toilet paper looks bizarre but gradually, you realize, that the wet toilet papers render a better using experience in comparison to the other toilet papers in the market. The idea of auto cleaning is allowed and they are known to be much more comfortable in use. However, the real issues cannot be ignored which creates the need of the Roto-rooter plumbing Pocatello. 

The major concern comes along the name itself. These wipes are flushable but is it actually advised as it is safe to flush these wipes? 

So, let’s discuss some negative aspects of using wet wipes:

1. The breaking down takes time 

The wet wipes are known as disposable that are advertised to be as "flushable" as well as "septic-safe". Hence, you might think that there ought to be no issue when it comes to flushing them down the can, isn't that so? But, let me tell you that this idea of yours is wrong. Despite the fact that these wipes are known to break down in the long run, their disposal requires more  time in comparison to the dry toilet paper rolls. Since the breakdown of the wet tissues and toilet rolls aren't as quick, stopped up channels and blockages happen all the more as often as possible. Putting your home's pipes in danger for genuine stops up means the arising need for the Roto-Rooter plumbing services for you. 

2. Increased level of water damage 

In the chance that you are making use of wet wipes and thus end up flushing it, but somehow it doesn't become involved with the funnels or make blockage, it would surely arrive at the sewer framework and eventually cause some harm. It can make a lot of havoc to your home septic framework along with the sewer arrangement of the city. 

Why? Since the clogging won't be in the drain lines but the septic tank, it can now cause a blockage inside the septic tank. The outcome would be a supported sewer that can come into your home through your sinks, channels, bath, and different openings that are legitimately associated with the home septic framework. The expertise of a Roto-Rooter plumbing Pocatello service may be required. 

3. Experience the Fatberg effect 

Some might be familiar with the idea of Fatberg but some might not be. This can be termed as a situation where the wet wipes consolidate with the fat, oil, and other soil caught in the channels making a chunk of an arrangement similar to an iceberg. These developments clog up plumbing channels and the drains. You might be amazed to realize that fatbergs can be as much as 10 feet in length or in some cases significantly more and gauge in excess of 100 pounds. 

Fatbergs can be routinely found in homes where the need for a Roto-rooter plumber Pocatello is also frequent. The variations of fatbergs which are comparatively smaller in size are known as softball obstructions and can be similarly ruinous simply like flushing a softball down the toilet can.

4. A thick wall of wipes 

It is important for you to know the age of your home, an approximate idea would also work. Odds are, the older your home, the more delicate your pipes framework is. This implies a considerable lot of your channels are now eroded and fragile. It isn't astonishing that your channel lines are brimming with little openings or have gotten home to the tree root infestation. 

Do you realize what happens when you flush your wet toilet papers down these channels? They move head to head with everything else down there bringing about the mass of wipes that would be practically hard to infiltrate. Since this wall prevents whatever else from arriving at the sewer framework, the Roto-Rooter plumbing service would need to be brought in to fix the issue. This is the reason it is imperative to get ordinary pipes investigation service in the event that you have old home pipes frameworks.

What can be done? 

Wet wipe manufacturers claim that flushable wipes are safe to flush — be that as it may, there is proof that it supports the flushing of these wipes can expand the danger of clogged up sewer lines and require the pumping as well as the replacement of septic tanks with the help of the Roto-rooter plumber Pocatello, all the more frequently. Despite the fact that wipes may feel like the best innovation since cut bread, you ought to quit utilizing them all together. 

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