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Emergency Drain Cleaning Service

Published on:
January 24, 2022

Most homeowners or property owners never think about finding the best emergency drainage and plumbing service until there is an issue. Not knowing what to do, homeowners panic and contact a plumber to fix the issue. Unfortunately, these individuals usually end up overpaying for the specific service, which could have been avoided by hiring a company that specializes in drain cleaning. Occasionally a clogged drain requires the services of a professional. This occurs when the blockage is causing damage to pipes, or due to shoddy construction. Mostly, a blocked drain can be cleared by a drain cleaning service. Hiring a plumber will cost you an hourly wage, whereas hiring emergency drainage and plumbing service will run you a flat fee.

Keep reading to learn more about emergency drain cleaning services!

Types of Drains

Four types of drains experienced emergency drainage and plumbing service can manage: French drain, footing drain, gutter drain, grading drainage.

French Drain

The most common drainage system is a French drain, which offers a simple channel for water to flow. The water runs into a gravel-filled trench and perforated pipe, which empties a safe distance from the structure. Depending on your home or office, water is diverted into a low-lying area of the property, the street, a drainage ditch, or a dry well.

Footing Drain

A footing drain is comprised of a flexible ABS, PVC, or perforated pipe installed underground throughout the perimeter of your home to keep the water flowing away. The process of installing this drain is to dig a trench, add concrete footing and a foundation wall then coat the exterior of the wall to prevent moisture buildup. This system is mostly used in homes with basements, which are susceptible to groundwater and flooding.

Gutter Drain

Gutters give rainwater a place to go instead of settling on the roof. Water must be diverted away from your home or building as it can wreak havoc if not properly drained. A downspout and gutter system drains all roof water in the opposite direction of your walls. The downspout extends beyond the walls and directs water into a catch basin or storm sewer.

Grading Drainage

Grading drainage is an easy technique whereby the drain slopes away from the structure. A contractor assesses the required gradient to drive water into the sewer if it is within the building code.

Different Types of Drainage Services

If any of these drainage types become clogged or blocked, it can cause major problems to the structure of your home. Water must always flow somewhere, which is why these drainage types push water away from your home or office. A company that specializes in emergency drainage services can perform some of the following solutions:

Drain Clean and Repairs

For those who are interested in regular maintenance, the best drainage companies can clean out the pipes and inspect for any potential issues before they become problems. The professionals can also repair plumbing sections on the spot if they identify a problem.

Emergency Services

If you have a massive clog that is causing water to flow into your home or office, the best drainage companies can quickly stop the leak and find the source of the issue. Hiring a drainage service that specializes in this work can greatly save you money from a plumber or all the issues related to water damage.

Sewer Line Repairs

Sometimes the blockage may not be immediately evident and could occur in the pipe leading to the sewer. An experienced drainage service company can dig and unclog the pipe to ensure a consistent flow of water into the sewer. If the pipe is damaged, they can easily replace that section to good working order. This is something a trained professional must perform since they have the tools and knowledge to be successful.

Water Damage Restoration

Unfortunately, you may become the victim of water damage if your clog backs up the water and it enters your home or office. A good drainage company can fix the water-damaged areas to ensure mold and other bigger issues don’t develop.

Water Heater Installation

Water heaters can also leak for a variety of reasons – improper installation, damage from wear and tear, and outdated technology. The best drainage companies can install highly efficient units that will save money on your utility bill.

If you need emergency drain cleaning services including drain cleaning and repairs, sewer line repairs, water damage restoration, water heater installation, or emergency plumbing services, contact Roto Rooter today! Their professional staff can help assess the situation and resolve the problem quickly so you can move on with your life!

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